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Djanogly City Academy

Djanogly City Academy is an 11-18 secondary school situated in the very heart of Nottingham.

We are dedicated to serving our community and providing the very highest standards of education to the young people who attend our academy.

Our guiding principles are Work Hard, Be Kind and Achievement: No Excuses. We expect every member of our community to follow those values, both staff and pupils, and we will work tirelessly to ensure they are upheld.

"Welcome to the Djanogly City Academy website. I hope that as you explore the site, you will get a flavour of the unique culture that exists within our school.

Our aim is very simple and that is to be recognised as outstanding in every aspect.

The determination of staff and governors to achieve this goal is very strong and is based on a simple but direct strategy - Achievement: No Excuses."

David Hooker

Serving Our Community

At Djanogly City Academy, we recognise that the best schools work in partnership with their local community. A key element of that partnership is listening to ideas to help us to make Djanogly City Academy a school we can all be proud of.

We would like a better understanding of the workings of the Academy and our child's education

Provided parents the opportunity to visit the Academy whilst in session to see a working learning environment

We would like a more consistent and fair approach to dealing with student issues

Held student assemblies explaining and raising the level of expectation. This was supported with a letter home

We would like to have clearer communication from the Academy

Added functions to our website so that it can be accessed in many different languages

We want to have a say in changes at the Academy

Set up a student council so students have a voice in changes

We would like the lunch queue to be shorter

We have re-modelled the school day to include a split lunch

We would like more opportunity to access 1-2-1 teaching and tutoring

We have increased the opportunities available and now have 40% of our year 11 students receiving 1-2-1 tutoring in extra curricular time

We would like more to do at break and lunch times

We have provided outdoor table tennis facilities around the academy, allow the use of the astro and courts area for games and offer subject and library clubs during these periods

Our primary feeder school were keen to know more about how we work with our students once they arrive with us and want to engage more in liaison work

We have welcomed primary staff in to the academy during the day to look around and visit classes. We are offering weekly food technology sessions to our feeder primaries


Work Hard, Be Kind

Achievement: No Excuses

At Djanogly City Academy we value traditional qualities; hard work, honesty, good manners and consideration for others.

Through applying these values fairly and consistently we shape and mould our students into confident, mature and independent young people.

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Djanogly City Academy has developed a flexible, innovative and student focused curriculum to ensure every child can be successful.

Designed around fulfilling the individual needs of students, the curriculum we offer is inclusive yet provides the rigour and challenge necessary to provide all learners with the very best examination outcomes.

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Latest News and Tweets

  • Djanogly City Academy Annual Sports Day

    Annual Sports Day

    Wednesday 13 July is the Djanogly City Academy Annual Sports Day

    Posted 17/06/2016 by Physical Education

  • Under 13 County Cup Cricket

    Under 13 Cricket Success

    The boys managed to beat Arnold Hill by 22 runs to progress into the next round.


    1. Ateeq Hussain
    2. Daniel Ahmed
    3. Hyder Hussain
    4. Bilal Hussain
    5. Fardeen Ahmed
    6. Mohammed Hassan
    7. Adeel Mahmood
    8. Zakriya Mohammed

    Posted 24/05/2016 by Physical Education

  • Year 7 Cricket

    Year 7 Cricket Success

    The boys managed to beat Arnold Hill by 78 runs and go on to play against Hall Park academy Eastwood next Thursday.


    1.        Ateeq Hussain
    2.        Daniel Irfan
    3.        Divyann Tiwari
    4.        Abel Lunca
    5.        Jasvir Singh
    6.        Ion Macelaru
    7.        Hamza Aftab
    8.        Daniel Ahmed
    9.        Hyder Hussain

    Posted 20/05/2016 by Physical Education - Read more

  • Year 11 Maths & Science Revision Sessions

    Click to download the maths and science sessions running between May 9th and June 17th

    The link below is an excel document that outlines the days, dates, times and content being covered for maths, physics, biology and chemistry revisions sessions running throughout the day.

    Year 11 mathematics and science revision sessions

    Posted 11/05/2016 by Year 11

  • Year 11 Watch Nottingham Forest

    Nottingham Forest

    Last night 6 year 11 students watched Nottingham Forest draw 1v1 with Blackburn Rovers in a private box. The students were an absolute credit to the Academy and conducted themselves like mature young adults. The chief hospitality steward commented on how well our students behaved, he stated ‘I was apprehensive about your Djanogly students arriving but they were better behaved than any other school we’ve had’.

    Please congratulate them on their behaviour.

    • Malachi Baptiste Daley
    • Shamarey Hayles
    • Shick Ndong
    • Matthew Alexander
    • Samad Azad
    • Mudassar Hussain

    Thank you to Miss ...

    Posted 20/04/2016 by Physical Education - Read more

  • Students playing piano for students and passing public

    Students playing piano for students and passing public

    Four of our talented pianists entertained our students as they left school and the passing public on Tuesday 22nd March.

    We moved the piano to outside reception and their playing drew quite a crowd. We heard traditional Romanian tunes as well as Chopin and Beethoven. We moved from, 'River Flows in You' to Fur Elise and the boys weren't put off by the cold or the crowds!

    Many thanks to the following students

    David Lunca

    Simon Carpaci

    Eduard Gheorghe

    Soroosh Roohi.

    Posted 23/03/2016 by Music

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