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Year 8 Drama Trip

On a rainy and blustery morning a group of keen and excited year 8 students journeyed into Nottingham City Centre to visit Nottingham Contemporary Gallery as part of an exciting programme of work. The project involves students visiting the gallery to work with a professional artist and writer, both in the gallery and then at the Academy, before returning to the gallery to see their art and writing work displayed for parents, friends and family.

Only a handful of students had visited the Contemporary Gallery previously so they were excited to begin the exploration of the exhibitions. The first exhibition that they were looking at was the work of Otobong Nkanga. Students had been asked to bring with them an object that said something about themselves. The first task was to work in small groups to consider their objects and then use vinyl tape to make links and connections to other objects within their group and then within the whole group. When students were asked to discuss the links between these objects there were many interesting reasons and all students found that they could be connected in a range of ways. The next gallery enabled students to stand on a floor of white stone and explore this area concentrating on using their senses. They then used these same stones to spell out words that they had thought of whilst exploring the exhibition.

Whilst at the gallery students got to explore the Marguerite Humeau exhibition where students began to imagine the story that may be behind the array of elephant sculptures. This exhibition incorporated a range of sounds, sights and visuals that alter throughout the 24 hour cycle giving each visitor a different experience. The students had a vast array of ideas about the elephants and the stories behind each of the sculptures – these ideas will be explored further in part 2 of the project due to take place at Djanogly in early December.

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