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Welcome to the Humanities Department where every student is encouraged to learn about the world around them through Geography, History, PSHE and Religious Studies. Our vision is to inspire students to be curious about the past, evaluate the present and consider their impact on the future.

Our aim for Geography to promote, intrigue and ignite students interests to consider the human, physical and environmental footprints on the world around us.

'Geography is a subject that holds the key to our future.'

(Michael Palin)

Year 7 Content
Passport to Geography
From here to there and back again - Map skills
Our World
Year 8 Content
Fieldwork skills
Risky world

Years 9, 10 and 11 (GCSE)

Year 9 Year 10 Year 11
River processes and landforms
Urbanisation and sustainable living
Newly Emerging Economies - Brazil
Natural Hazards: Tectonic and Climatic
Economic Development: Key terms, industry, aid and globalisation
Fieldwork - A study of the Lace Market
Controlled Assessment

Fieldwork - A study of the Lace Market
Population and Settlement - Key geographical themes
Rivers and coasts - Sustainable Decision Making Exercise

Watch this space - exciting times ahead for Humanities!

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