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Year 11 Art & Design complete Unit 2 with 10 hour Exam

Students have now completed the Unit 2 in Art & Design with a 10 hour controlled assessment for their Final Response.

Each student had the opportunity to chose from the 7 questions available, with popular choices for starting points being 'Angles', 'Detail', 'Out of Place' & 'Architecture'.

During the preparatory period the year 11's have researched artists, developed ideas, experimented and refined ideas with a variety of media. They have also recorded their own ideas and observations with photographs and drawings.

Using a variety of materials and techniques, students produced a final piece during the 10 hour period which was split over two days. Stencil printing and press printing techniques were used. Some students used clay to make ceramic buildings and detailed portraits. Houses were built, sculptures were made with 'found' objects and portraits & landscapes appeared magnificently on canvas' after two intense days of unaided work.

October 2017


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