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A Level History, offered by Edexcel, gives a broad selection of topics to undertake and ensures that scholars have a focus both on the rich History of England whilst also studying different time periods from around the world to ensure real breadth in their knowledge of the subject ready for onward study.

Within A Level History lessons our scholars will be making great use of their already developed historian skills, nurtured through their GCSE, in order to undertake debates surrounding key historic events alongside analysing source materials, evaluating historian arguments and very importantly, having the opportunity to share their own opinions and beliefs surrounding key turning points in World History.

As an extra real selling point to A Level History out course has a coursework element to it, and so scholars will have the opportunity to have a free choice of topic

Subject Content

Britain, 16-25-1801: Conflict, Revolution and Settlement

  • The Quest for Political Stability
  • Religion: Conflict and Dissent
  • Social and Intellectual Challenge
  • Economy, Trade and Empire

Russia in Revolution, 1894-1924

  • The Rule of Nicholas II
  • The End of Romanov Rule
  • The Provisional Government and its Opponents
  • Defending Bolshevik Revolution

Civil Rights and Race Relations in the USA 1850-2009

  • The Changing Geography of Civil Rights Issues
  • Changing Portrayal of Civil Rights Issues in Fiction and Film
  • ‘Free At Last’
  • The Triumph of ‘Jim Crow’
  • The New Deal and Race Relations
  • ‘I Have a Dream’
  • Obama’s Campaign for the Presidency

Geographical skills

  • Geographical skills checklist



Paper 1: Britain, 1625-1701: Conflict, Revolution and Settlement

  • Written Examination

Paper 2: Russia in Revolution, 1894-1924

  • Written examination

Paper 3: Civil Rights and Race Relations in the USA 1850-2009

  • Written examination

Coursework - Chosen by scholar

  • Assignment on a question set by scholar and teacher.  
  • Internally assessed, externally moderated

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Edexcel A Level History

University & Careers

Due to the skills used within History, scholars open many doors when it comes to onward education and future careers. At university, sixth formers whom undertake A Level History can go on to study degrees such as; History, Law, Politics, Business and Management Studies, English Language and Literature, Sociology, Psychology, Social Work, Economics, Philosophy… the list truly is endless!

Onward from this, scholars who succeed in A Level History are equipped with many skills very attractive to employers.

Look at this quote from the Historical Association and follow the link to read more about careers that could follow A Level History –

“History is actually very practical, because it involves:

  • Learning about people – how they interact, the motives and emotions that can tear people apart into rival factions or help them to work together for a common cause (useful knowledge for team-building at work!)
  • Learning about countries, societies and cultures – so many of today's conflicts and alliances have their roots in the past; how can you negotiate with, trade successfully with, or report on a country if you know nothing of its history?
  • Learning to locate and sift facts – to identify truth and recognise myth, propaganda and downright lies (useful in every aspect of life!)
  • Presenting what you've learned in a way that makes sense to others – whether in graphs, essays or illustrated reports – and having the confidence to defend your findings.”

Link to Historical Association ‘Careers with History’