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Home testing for scholars

All scholars now have access to supplies of lateral flow tests to take home as required.

We suggest that your child takes a test on a Monday and Thursday morning, before they have anything to eat or drink and before they come to school.  The test takes 30 minutes to produce a result, so please factor this into your morning routine, and report the test results to the academy as soon as possible.  

If you don't have time in the mornings, then you can do the test the evening before (Sunday and Wednesday evenings) and report the results as below.

Every testing kit your child takes home will have enough tests for 3 weeks.  Please complete 2 tests per week and report the results as below;

Reporting Results

ALL results (negative and positive) need to be reported to the academy, via the following link;

Enter your child's result here

You also need to record the result (negative or positive) on NHS Test and Trace

NHS Test and Trace - Results Reporting

If your child was to record a positive test result, they must remain at home and self isolate.  You must inform the school of the positive result immediately by phoning 0115 9421300.

You must book a PCR test, by calling 119 or online here Book a PCR test


How to do your test at home (various languages available)

If your child can not swab their throat, they can swab both nostrils for 10 seconds.  This is how we've been doing it in school.

Video Guide

Privacy Notice - Scholars Testing at Home

Mass testing in schools

Part of the safe return to school guidance given to schools is that every child is to be offered three lateral flow tests during the first week of their return. To make this process as meaningful as possible, I would be grateful of your child’s participation in this testing.

To give your consent please read the privacy notice below and then click on the link below to complete the consent form:

Privacy Notice - Scholar Testing

Scholar Testing Consent Form 

Please ensure you have completed this form no later than Thursday 4th March.

If you are unable to complete the online consent form, you can print a copy of the consent form here and this will also need returning by Thursday 4th Match.

Printable scholar consent form for Covid testing

Please note that all scholars can and will be expected to attend school from the week beginning 8th March whether or not you consent to your child being tested. I do hope nonetheless that you will give your consent. Regular testing will ensure that asymptomatic, infected individuals are not putting other scholars and staff at unnecessary risk

Frequently asked questions

We are following government health and safety guidance as per:

Government Guidelines

How do I know my child will be safe?

All schools have put in rigorous risk assessments to ensure the best possible care for your children, and are following government guidance. Children will be taught in ‘year group bubble’ groups to limit potential spread of the virus within school. Staff are working hard to ensure children have separate spaces to work and clearing furniture to make more room. Windows and doors will be propped open or similar to support good ventilation. Regular supervised hand-sanitising will take place throughout the day to help stop any spread of the virus. Rigorous cleaning will take place throughout the school day as well as after school.

What’s the safest way to get my child to school?

Following government advice the best way for your child to get to school is to walk, cycle or use your car. If you need to use public transport you should follow government guidance.

What happens at pick up and drop off times?

Only one member per household is allowed to pick up and drop off and only then if you really need to. Parents are asked not to congregate outside the main school entrance. Alternative entrances and exits will be used to avoid the mixing of bubbles.

How will we move around the building safely?

Schools will be operating timed one-way systems and corridor segregation when needed, to support social distancing. Reception and other high traffic areas will be supervised and managed with social distancing being taken into consideration.

Who will be teaching my child?

Children will be taught in normal classrooms in their ‘bubble’ groups, and will be taught by their normal teacher as much as possible.

What might the classroom look like?

Children will be given an individual workspace and their own materials to work with where appropriate, with more focus on social distancing, including with staff.

What plans do you have in place to support social distancing?

Children will remain in their bubble and will remain separate from other bubbles. Schools will operate one-way systems around the corridors. Lunchtimes and end times will be staggered, again to help keep groups separate. Social distancing between scholars and staff is a key measure in place and in line with government guidance.

Should my child wear a mask?

As per government guidance, secondary aged children and adults are expected to wear face coverings in busy communal areas such as corridors when they move around the school. In these cases, they should provide their own face covering.

What happens at lunch times?

Lunch times will be staggered and children kept within their year bubbles to limit contact with others. At lunchtimes, children will be sat in ways to support social distancing.

How will school be different now?

Although the organisation of school will look different, we continue to offer our care and support to you at this difficult time. In class we will maintain close to normal practice to support children’s learning and aide their transition back to school. What won’t be different is the care and attention we will give to you and your child.

How can I find out about Lateral Flow Testing in secondary schools?

This is being introduced as part of a national initiative to enable weekly testing of staff and children in secondary provision initially, and staff in primary. Parents will be contacted directly by their school with full information.

What happens if someone in their class develops symptoms?

Children or staff displaying symptoms should not attend school and should make an appointment to get themselves tested in line with NHS guidance. In the event that a child (or member of staff) displays symptoms of Covid-19 they will be immediately isolated and their parent/carer will be contacted to take them home. That child or member of staff’s fellow household members should also self-isolate for 10 days, again in line with government guidance.

What if it is confirmed that someone definitely has COVID-19?

If they test positive for Covid-19, the rest of their social bubble group will be told to self-isolate for 10 days.

The other household members of that wider group told to isolate do not need to self isolate unless the child or member of staff they live with develops symptoms. Deep cleaning will take place at the school as appropriate.

How can I help?

By supporting our new arrangements and moving mindfully around school, noting signs and keeping socially distant from others. By reporting any family symptoms of coronavirus to school at the earliest opportunity.

Will learning activities still be available remotely?

Yes, teachers will continue to support ‘at home learning’ with daily on-line lessons and a timetable of activities. The activities in remote learning will be in line with those being taught in school as much as possible.

Risk Assessments

DCA - Coronavirus Risk Assessment - updated 14 May 2021

Safeguarding Protocol in a COVID-19 Context