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Learning at home

We will be using Microsoft Teams to deliver lessons if a scholars year group has to isolate at home.

You can use Microsoft Teams on your mobile phone / tablet / PC or laptop.  Please ensure your device has a camera, as some older laptops or PC's may not have one.  In which case, you will need a separate webcam.

To improve the quality of the online meeting, it is recommended that you use headphones with a built in microphone, e.g. the one you would use with a mobile phone or a gaming console.  If you do not have any headphones with a built-in microphone, then please just use normal headphones as this will help reduce audio feedback.

Lesson Timetables

Timetables, enabling scholars to learn from home will be published as and when any year group is sent home to self-isolate.  Clicking on the link below, will allow you to choose your child's year group and select the timetable appropriate to them.

Please note: if the link does not work for a year group, then that year group have not been sent home to self-isolate.


Microsoft Teams Timetables 


 How to download Microsoft Teams

Installing Teams on your Windows PC or laptop

  • On your web browser, go to office365.com and select sign in in the top right corner of the screen. 




  • Select the menu waffle in the top left of your screen and and choose Teams 







  • Select Get the Windows app 









  • Once the Teams setup file has downloaded, open and run the file.


Installing Teams on your Apple device (iPhone or iPad)

  • Open the App store on your iOS device  



  • Search for Microsoft Teams 




  • Press Get 


Installing Teams on your Android device

  • Open the Google Play store on your Android device 



  • Search for Microsoft Teams 




  • Press Install 



Joining a meeting on Microsoft Teams


Accessing Microsoft Teams 

Once signed in, the Teams home page will open and display the Teams (classes) you have access to.  Simply click on the Team you are joining for the lesson to open it.

Now choose the channel for the subject you are attending.  See the calendar for online lessons for your year group. 





 You can join through your calendar as usual, either through Outlook or Teams

Your teacher will have sent you an invitation.  Just click on the invitation and wait to be admitted.

  • Open your calendar, either via Outlook calendar or your calendar on Teams 
  • Click on the evening to view it and click on the link in the description that says, "JOIN MICROSOFT TEAMS MEETING".
  • Now mute your microphone and switch off your video.  This reduces audio feedback.


Navigating a Meeting on Teams