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the nottinghamahire youth commission

Hate Crime Survey

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Can you help us gather your views on Hate Crime?
We want to hear about your views, perceptions or experiences of Hate Crime!

The Nottinghamshire Youth Commission is a peer-led project funded by the Nottingham Police and Crime Commissioner Paddy Tipping. The project aims to give young people a platform to use their voices to bring change in the services that impact upon young people living in Nottingham.

One of Nottinghamshire Youth Commission's priorities is ‘Exploitation and Abuse’ as part of this, we have put together this survey on ‘Hate Crime’.

We want to hear form young people across Nottinghamshire about their views on ‘Hate Crime’.

This survey will be anonymous and will be used to highlight the issues young people face on ‘Hate crime’. We will analyse the data and make recommendations to the Nottinghamshire Police and Crime Commissioner and other key decision makers to improve local services.