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 Language Journeys

‘Language Journeys’ workshop

On the 8st  May 2019 eleven multilingual Year 9 students from four Nottinghamshire schools, including four Djanogly, visited the University of Nottingham for the fifth and final in a series of five workshops exploring what it means to be multilingual.


Students wrote and performed multilingual poetry, completed workshops and watched multilingual poets from TWO SEDA.


During the workshop, entitled 'Language Lives', the students investigated famous multilingual people and how they use language skills to reach out to others.  Then students shared research results that they had gathered by interviewing their friends and family. Now, you can think about your important language journey too! Read the research survey questions below.


 ‘Language lives’ research survey


  • What language(s) did (or do) you use as a child and in school?


  • Did everyone use the same language?



  • What was your first day like at DCA? How did language make a difference?


  • Since you have been in this / or other countries, how do you feel about your languages?



  • Do you use different languages to talk to different people?


  • Do you have a favourite word in each of your languages (why is it a favourite?)



  • How do you feel about your language journey?