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Parents Evening

At Djanogly City Academy we recognise the importance of excellent communication with all of our parents and carers.

We wish to ensure that every parent and carer has the opportunity to meet with all of their child’s subject teachers to discuss their progress and achievement and to identify important areas for development and improvement.

Every year group has their own individual Parents/Carers Evening which takes place at a key point in their academic year. At this event, every subject area and tutor group is represented. The Academy senior leadership team and members of our attendance, safeguarding and inclusion teams are also available to talk to.

Your attendance at Parents/Carers Evening is strongly recommended to enable you to continue to support your child’s achievement. We would like to recommend that if your own understanding of spoken English is limited, you attend supported by an English speaking family member or friend. The Academy will welcome their support.

How do I make appointments to see my child's teachers?

The Academy operates an appointment system for each Parents/Carers Evening.

Your child will receive an appointment card and they will make appointments on your behalf. You will simply need to inform your child what time you plan to arrive at the Academy and your child will make appointments with their subject teachers and tutor on your behalf. Please make note of when parents evenings are on the term dates page and below.

When is the next Parents/Carers Evening?

2019/2020 Parents Evenings below (all parents evenings are from 5pm till 7pm) 

05/12/2019 - Year 11 Parents evening A band 

12/12/2019 - Year 11 Parents evening B band 

16/01/2020 - Year 8 Parents evening A band 

23/01/2020 - Year 8 Parents evening B band 

27/02/2020 - Year 9 Parents evening A band 

05/03/2020 - Year 9 Parents evening B band 

26/03/2020 - Year 7 Parents evening A band 

02/04/2020 - Year 7 Parents evening B band