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Mr A Smith Maths  Principal

School Leaders

Mr T Pearce  Leadership Deputy Principal - Academic 
Ms L McDonagh  Leadership  Deputy Principal - Pastoral 
Ms K Newton  Leadership Assistant Principal Inclusion 
Ms H Heath  Leadership Assistant Principal CPD 
Ms K Camina  Leadership Director of CPD 

Teaching Staff

Mr C Johnson  Creative  Head of Art 
Ms C Hawkes  English and Media Head of English 
Mrs B Brownlow English and Media Teacher 
Ms A Baker  English and Media Teacher 
Ms S Birkin  English and Media Teacher of Drama 
Ms N Davis  English and Media Teacher 
Ms M Osborne  Humanities  Head of Humanities 
Ms N Mohamedali Humanities Lead Teacher of Psychology/Sociology
Mr A O'Byrne-Lynch Humanities Teacher of History 
Mr J Simpson  Humanities Teacher of Geography 
Mr J Weedon Humanities Teacher of Geography 
Ms C Fell  Humanities Teacher of Geography 
Mr D Thorpe  Humanities Teacher of History 
Ms I Hampson-Smith Humanities Teacher of History
Ms D Browne Humanities Teacher of History
Mr W Zafar ICT  Head of IT/Computer Science 
Ms N Hussain Maths Leadership in Maths 
Ms E Jangwa Maths Leadership in Maths Role 
Ms T Khan  Maths Teacher of Maths 
Mr R Maqsood Maths Teacher of Maths 
Mr B Dickson  Maths Teacher of Maths 
Ms M Kaur  Maths Teacher of Maths 
Mr J Maiden  Maths Teacher of Maths 
Mr M Whittingham  Maths Teacher of Maths 
Mr C Haverkamp  Maths Teacher of Maths 
Ms C Summers  Maths Teacher of Maths 
Ms E Fowler Maths Teacher of Maths
Ms A Borges Da Silva  Modern Foreign Languages Head of MFL 
Ms D Cooke Modern Foreign Languages Teacher of Spanish 
Mr R Powell PE Head of PE 
Ms J Kingham PE Instructional Coach 
Mr R Cumberlidge  PE Teacher of PE
Ms K Pinnington  PE Teacher of PE
Mr M Stewart  PE Teacher of PE 
Mr J Brownlow  Science  Head of Science 
Ms E Charalambous  Science Teacher of Science 
Ms L Chaudhry  Science Teacher of Science 
Mr D Gyamfi  Science Teacher of Science 
Mr M Banert-Lucas  Science Teacher of Science 
Ms K Hayler  Science Teacher of Science 
Ms C Bernard  Science Teacher of Science 
Ms H Smallwood  Science Teacher of Science 

Support Staff

Mr J Wardle  Inclusion  Achievement Leader 
Mr D Blackwood  Inclusion Achievement Leader
Mr T Harris  Inclusion Achievement Leader
Ms S Morton  Inclusion Achievement Leader
Mr J Lever  Inclusion Achievement Leader
Ms M Gill  Inclusion Behaviour  Manager 
Ms N Duffield  Inclusion Behaviour Manager
Mr A McCafferty  Inclusion Dean of Students 
Ms N Lawrence  Inclusion Dean of Students
Ms K Swann  Inclusion Dean of Students
Mr V Iqbal  Inclusion Dean of Students
Ms S Regan  Inclusion Dean of Students
Mr C Ciubotariu  Inclusion Pastoral Assistant 
Ms P Gil  Inclusion EAL Teaching Assistant 
Ms J Eaton  Inclusion EAL Teaching Assistant - Level 2
Mr N Lewis-Gordan  Inclusion Family Support Worker 
Ms B Chambers  Inclusion Teaching Assistant 
Mr J New  Inclusion Teaching Assistant
Ms J Watterson  Inclusion Teaching Assistant Grade 2
Ms M Tomlinson  Inclusion Teaching Assistant with SEN responsibility 
Ms L Wragg Inclusion Teaching Assistant with SEN responsibility 
Ms A Southern  Library  Assistant Librarian 
Ms L Ewart  Library  Library and Information Services Manager 
Mr P Jackson  Exams  Invigilator
Ms M Sangl  Exams Invigilator
Ms C Hemingray  Exams Invigilator
Ms T Bharmal  Exams Invigilator
Ms C Bostock  Exams Invigilator
Mr A Bostock  Exams Invigilator
Ms C Mahal  Exams Invigilator
Ms S Bradford  Exams Invigilator
Ms G Morley  Exams Invigilator
Ms B Katz  Exams Invigilator
Ms K Beer  Exams Invigilator
Ms P Bailey  Exams  Invigilator 

Technicians / Estates

Mr A Nicholas Academy Technician 
Ms C Ianssen Science Technician 
Mr S Chung  IT Technician 
Mr A Shelley  Estates Manager 
Ms J Day  Site Service Assistant 
Mr R Binch Caretaker 
Ms J Day  Cleaner and Estates Assistant 

Admin Staff

Ms C Herbert  Exams Officer 
Ms L Southwood PA to Principal
Ms R Bergin  Human Resources
Mr C Paschevici  Business Manager
Mrs M Boden 

Finance  Administrator/Receptionist

Ms E Camina


Ms M Hafeez 

Learning Resource Assistant 

Ms M Panait


Ms C Shaw 


Ms R Shawwa


Ms S Ahmed-Hanif Administrator/Receptionist
Miss K Wragg