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Year 8

Achievement Lead

Mr O'Byrne-Lynch

Senior Leadership

 Mrs K Newton

Dean of Students

 Mr Iqbal & Mr Lever

Achievement Team

The achievement team is made up of; the Achievement Lead, the Graduate Lead and is supported by the year groups teaching team.

The team leads the monitoring of achievement within the year group, meets with students about their performance and actions tier changes based upon the reports collected from subject teachers.

In Year 8 this team is lead by:

  • Mr O'Byrne-Lynch

What does this year have in store?

Year 8 is the opportunity to develop both our core and foundation subjects.

In Year 8 all scholars will continue to progress their skills in English, math and science in preparation for their GCSE courses in these subjects.  As well as those core subjects, an exciting new curriculum has also been introduced, with new subjects to enjoy.  These include design and technology, art, music, drama and dance

During the year all scholars will have the opportunity to improve their communication skills across all subject areas and participate in all house competitions.

Exams and banding

Written assessments in the core and EBacc subjects are coming up.

These assessments are important for the scholars, and for us as a school. We use the scores achieved by scholars in their assessments, along with class performance and their effort in lessons, to monitor if a scholar is progressing as expected. We also use the results to analyse how effective our curriculum is at securing scholar progress towards their targets as we work with our partner academy group.

While we want scholars to take their assessments seriously, we do not want them to be the cause of undue stress or worry. Our banding and setting system have been developed to try to place scholars accurately so that they can be supported in their progress and assessments play a vital part in informing our short and medium term planning. We continue to work with our partners across the multi-academy trust to refine this process and the way in which we prepare scholars for their key stage four studies.

Assessments should be focused on finding out the knowledge, understanding and skills that scholars have developed; there aren’t any trick questions! If a scholar is unsure during an assessment, they should simply apply their best effort; we cannot and do not ask any more than that. Teachers supervise the assessments, and they will try to help scholars within the spirit of the assessment.

For their part, scholars should be using some time at home each evening to prepare for their assessments. Scholars in Years 7 & 8 should be completing the equivalent of between 45 to 60 minutes of homework per night and if they are unsure of what revision to do, they should approach their class teacher.