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Year 9 curriculum

Achievement Lead

Mr T Harris

Dean of students

Miss N Lawrence

Graduate lead

Ms L McDonagh

Achievement Team

The achievement team is made up of the achievement lead, the link senior leader (graduate lead) and is supported by the year group teaching team.

The team leads the monitoring of achievement within the year group, meets with students about their performance and actions tier changes for core subjects based upon the reports collected from subject teachers.

In year 9 this team is lead by:

Ms S Morton ‚Äč

The year ahead

In Year 9 students start their KS4 GCSE courses and therefore it is vitally important they make a positive start to these 3-year courses.

The main aim is for students to achieve their potential and to do this, they must understand that they must demonstrate excellent behaviour in class and around the Academy building while completing class and homework to the best of their ability. Students must also aim to attend at least 95% so that lost learning time is minimised. Students are awarded weekly for their attendance and behaviour.

Students are actively encouraged to engage in the various opportunities open to them outside of the classroom. These opportunities include football, rugby, cricket, netball, athletics training for recreational purposes plus fixtures against other schools. There is an extensive PSHE programme that is delivered to students daily and is aimed at developing the individual in to a valuable member of their community.